Welcome to our Wild Ride

So, who would ever guess that after my long career in toy manufacturing, I would be called to trade in beads and wires for a computer keyboard?

Who thought I would become an author?

Welcome to my Author page where I intend to share with you my background, details about the launch of Wild Ride and more information about what, why and how.

My hope is that you will become a partner in this journey, offering feedback and spreading the news to invite women from all over the world to participate in the promotion of story.

Wild Ride is a collection of stories and life lessons from fifty-five Storytellers, all sharing authentic stories from their own lives.

Woven around the stories, research and our common wisdom reveal how emotion and gratitude interact with memory.  Story prompts invite the reader to creatively jot down thoughts, feelings, and consider their own positive memories.

I have always loved stories and have collected them from family and during my travels. The events of our days become the stories of our lives; we are literally surrounded by story. I’m interested in which events get folded into the everyday mundane aspect of our lives and which ones become memories that we celebrate and enjoy for years.

A course that I was taking at the Humor Academy, invited the creation of a project of my choice and since I’ve always been interested in story, this project was a natural extension of my passion. I invited women of all ages and stages to submit a story on any topic. There was no filter for education, age, or writing experience. Soon research revealed the relationship between emotion and gratitude in memory. The stories begged for the reader’s input and story prompts were added to provide an opportunity for their creativity. A space called Love Remembered was created to hold the stories of women, as submitted by their family members.

My gratitude to the Storytellers and friends who have supported my passion and to the team at Dragonhill Publishing who mothered the project to its completion.

How you can be involved…be my advocate on social media to spread the word…and offer honest feedback to keep us on track.

In gratitude,

Kathy Klaus

“This is your book; an outstretched hand from a collective sisterhood.” -Kathy Klaus

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